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Two is better than one
definitely stands true for husband and wife, Tyler and Cassie Schleich of
Monmouth, Illinois. The couple established Schleich Cattle, raising Angus and club calves, in 2009, but
their experience, knowledge and passion for the beef industry dates to their lifetime.

While their passion for the industry is very similar, their backgrounds within are dramatically
different. Tyler grew up with commercial cows and in the spring of 2007, purchased his first Angus
cows through the guidance of Bud and Deb Hobbs. Cassie started showing steers at a young age and
quickly added heifers to the string. Over the years, Cassie and her family built a small herd by retaining the top end of the show heifers. Their combined experiences provided the perfect match
for learning from each other and growing their business today. 

The Schleich's breeding program is focused on the Angus phenotype with a balanced set of
EPD's. Their clubby cows are bred to be showy enough for the show ring, but functional females who
will breed.

Contact them today to see their top quality stock at the farm or at the Lamoine Valley Angus
Sale at 309-335-3939 - Tyler or 309-368-5980 - Cassie. Their commitment to customer service
and knowledge of the top sires in the industry is bar none!
Tyler & Cassie Schleich
1537 60th Street • Monmouth, Il 61462
Tyler: 309-335-3939 • Cassie: 309-368-5980
Home Sales Winners AI Services and Semen Sales
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